We know that the sustainability challenges in the fashion industry don’t have a quick fix, however, we are moving to a 100% sustainable ecosystem, one step at a time.

With each purchase, you choose the size of the carbon footprint you leave on the planet, and we want to help you choose wisely.


CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE - CPSIA for recycled polyester, GOTS for organic cotton.

Fabrics & Certificates

All styles are crafted keeping two key factors in mind - macro fashion trends & forecasts, intended utility of the style - form, specs, performance, durability.

The fabric selection process is centred around durability, stretchability, comfort and optimum performance. For styles designed for high performance we use extremely durable polyester-elastane blends. For loungewear, swimwear and styles designed for medium intensity workouts we only use recycled fabrics that are made up of processed waste (including plastic waste). By 2024, we intend to eliminate the use of non-recycled fabrics from our product offering, altogether.

Our fabrics are sourced from Vietman, Turkey, Mexico, Poland and China. Activewear, loungewear and swimwear styles are manufactured in Latvia & Spain.

Available certificate - OKEO-TEX

Certified Vegan Inks

We only use OEKO-TEX certified, 100% biodegradable, vegan, water-based, toxin-free inks for our delectable prints & vibrant colours.


Made To Order

Every purchase, big or small has a footprint. You choose the mark you leave on the planet, and we want to help you choose wisely. Overproduction is perhaps one of the biggest problems faced by the fashion industry, courtesy conventional garment production business models. Around 85% of all textiles produced by the fashion industry end up in landfills, making it a major contributor to environmental damage. One in every five garments reach a landfill without being worn even once.

By choosing made to order, you choose to buy garments that are produced only when an order is placed, thereby eliminating overproduction and the waste generation associated with it.

All our products are made to order, in our partner's manufacturing facilities in Latvia, Spain and US.

Product fulfilment takes 2 to 5 days and then the product is shipped. Shipping takes another 5-10 days depending on the destination.

Supplier Code Of Conduct

So What is committed to deliver the best possible experience to our customers, through service, quality and a verified product journey. We expect all our partners, suppliers and affiliates to operate sustainably and maintain the utmost responsibility, honesty and fairness while conducting their business. To ensure that all products are created in good working conditions and the safety of involved skilled & unskilled labour is not compromised, we have set our own code of conduct in place. It serves as a guideline for us to select the right suppliers and partners.

We are committed to following the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the International Bill on Human Rights. We stand against any form of direct or indirect abuse or solicitation of the same in any manner. We select our partners after due diligence to ensure that they share the same set of values, in intent & in action.


All suppliers, partners must make improvements in environmental performance. It is mandatory to integrate sustainable practices in decision making, adopt cleaner practices, take into consideration responsible use of natural resources and pollution prevention measures and getting social audits done, if applicable.

No Forced Labour

No supplier or partner should use forced, bonded, labour of prison or indentured labour in any manner. All labourers and employees must be working out of their own free will.

No supplier must employ anyone under the age of 18, or the national legal working age, whichever is higher.

No Discrimination

No employee should be discriminated against on the grounds of religion, gender, parental status, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, nationality, race, ethnicity, caste, affiliation with an association or for expressing political opinions & views.

Adequate measures must be taken to prevent migrant employees from any discrimination.

Hours & Collective Bargaining

The total number of working hours in a regular work week for an employee should not exceed 48. In case of an emergency, the number of hours should not exceed 60. Every employee must get 24 consecutive hours of rest in a week.

All employees must have the right to choose their own association or collective bargaining. No form of communication with employees or their representatives should involve intimidation, force or any form of bullying.


It is mandatory for all suppliers and partners to meet all national legal mandates related to compensation, wages and employee benefits.

No wages must be deducted on disciplinary or discriminatory reasons. All employees have the right to be compensated for a regular workweek. The compensation must be above the mandated minimum wage.

Safety Protocols

All employees must have access to safe and hygenic working conditions. Safety practices and occupational health regulations must be adhered to, to prevent injuries and accidents.

The partners must protect the employees from toxic substances, accidents and fires.


Giving Back

5% of all our profits go to Abbasi Charitable & Educational Society (ACES - www.aces.org), an NGO based in India that supports women and children below poverty line, locally and funds multiple scholarships, education drives and skill development programs for them.